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Jim Feast on Vincent Katz
July 2010


Dichtung Yammer
Exchange on Vincent Katz's Broadway for Paul

November 2020

Dichtung Yammer
Exchange on Vincent Katz's Swimming Home

May 2017

Dichtung Yammer
Exchange on Vincent Katz's Southness

November 2016

The Brooklyn Rail
Vincent Katz and Carter Ratcliff in conversation
October 2015

Grace Cavalieri with Vincent Katz
April 2014
Issue Available Here

The Brooklyn Rail
Vincent Katz In Conversation with Phong Bui

May 2013

book reviews

Broadway for Paul (2020)

Sensitive Skin

Taj Mahal Review

Rain Taxi Review of Books

Broadway for Paul

Southness (2016)

Pacific Rim Review of Books


Fantastic Caryatids (2016)

Galatea Resurrects

Swimming Home (2015)


Washington Independent Review of Books

Galatea Resurrects

Rain Taxi

Columbia Poetry Review

Sophia and Philosophia

Poems to Work On (2015)



Black Mountain College: Experiment in Art

Paperback (2013)

3:AM Magazine
Times Literary Supplement
Cassone Online Art Magazine

The Complete Elegies of Sextus Propertius (2004)

Rain Taxi
Sunday Telegraph
Poetry Project Newsletter

Life is Paradise (1999)


Pearl (1998)

Poetry Project Newsletter
The New York Times Book Review

Rudy Burckhardt (1998)

The New York Times

Charm (1995)

American Book Review

New York Hello! (1990)

Poetry Project Newsletter

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