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John Cage: An Interview (The Print Collectors Newsletter, 1990)

A Day in the Life of Two Artists: Yvonne Jacquette and Rudy Burckhardt (MilkMag)

Rudy Burckhardt, A Short Biographical Sketch (Parkett, 1996)

Mobile Homes: The Art of Rudy Burckhardt (Institut Valencia d'Art Modern, 1998)

Rudy Burckhardt: An Appreciation ( ARTnews, 1999)

Remembering Rudy (Art on Paper, 1999)

Rudy Burckhardt’s Maine: an Exhibition of Photographs, Paintings & Films (Colby College, 2002)

Rudy Burckhardt : Art’s Friendship (Abrams, 2002)

A Tribute to Rudolph Burckhardt (The Brooklyn Rail, 2003)

Rudy Burckhardt: Inside Outsider (Vassar College, 2004)

Street Dance: The New York Photographs of Rudy Burckhardt (Museum of the City of New York, 2008)

Rudy Burckhardt (Acne Paper, 2012)

Alex Katz Meets Rudy Burckhardt (Museum of Modern Art Salzburg, 2013)





Art Books and Catalogues




Visiting Edwin Denby's Mediterranean Cities

Towards a Poetics of Place

“Translating Roman Elegy” in Companion to Roman Elegy

Review of Ann Lauterbach's Or To Begin Again”(2009, Jacket 2)

Poems from '6x6' vis-a-vis a poem by Joe Ceravolo,”(2010, Poetry Project Website /2012, Jacket 2 Ceravolo Feature)