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For Rene Ricard

"For Rene"

I'm toasting you today Rene with a Dewazakura Namagenshu
You are very beautiful how come I never noticed that before
I want not only to toast, though, I want to share this drink with you
Don't tell me that's not possible, you and I both know well it is
In fact it's inevitable and maybe better now with this separation
You're over there and I'm over here the day is sunny
Winter ice on the ground like the years of poetry and art
Somehow more vivid in winter

It turns out they're out of Dewazakura Namagenshu
So we're having Izumi Judan instead
And the connection is all these thoughts across years
And multitudes in here and out in the sun have no idea what we are talking about
But we know very clearly what this is about

Tell me about Morocco, the naked painter, but more importantly
The naked paint tell me about that is there room on the sofa?
At the party? Is there time? Seems as though there was always tons of time if you were out

I want to invite you to sit down at this restaurant and have lunch with me

- New York City, February 2014